Founded in 2007 by fashion designer Andrea Ventura and footwear model maker Iacopo Soldini (the Soldini family is a manufacturer of footwear in Tuscany for three generations), Firenze Stile has established itself; set as a first goal to change the face of the classic men's classic shoe, addressing a young formal public looking for innovative stylistic and functional notes.

Thus, in 2007, the brand, the product philosophy and the first Andrea Ventura collection were born in Florence, giving life in the following years to a small-great quality success Made in Italy.

"Each shoe is rigorously finished by hand to give it a special, exciting look. Both in summer and winter concepts, Andrea Ventura shoes are in fact extremely flexible and soft thanks to the selected materials and our special construction technique. The materials are valuable, evoke luxury and are specially selected to have an immediate soft response to sight and touch. Colors are another component on which we devote a lot of attention. Our selection criteria is the emotion.



The brand

Fleur-de-lys is the symbol of purity, glory, divine love and regality. It is the stylized representation of flowers from the Lilium genus, commonly known as “lily”. According to mythology, Lilies originated from a drop of milk falling from Juno’s breast while nursing Hercules in order to make him immortal. The Lily has been the symbol of the city of Florence for almost a thousand years: Florentines were proud of it and flaunted it in battle during the First Crusade.

The brand Andrea Ventura Firenze respects these values and this centuries-old tradition arranging four lilies in an orthogonal position pointing toward the four cardinal points. They represent strong and clear points of reference in an era like this, where traditional behaviors and ideas shift randomly and unexpectedly.
Purity, prestige and willpower: these are the qualities that you will wear thanks to the charming and legendary symbolism of the “four lilies” offered by Andrea Ventura Firenze.

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Andrea Ventura Firenze shoes are present today in about 150 prestigious windows of international clothing and footwear, including Milan, Florence, Capri, Bruxelles, Saint-Tropez, London, Hamburg, Moscow, Kiev, Dubai, Miami, Los Angeles, Sidney, Tokyo.


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